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Every now and then I will update this blog with thoughts about walking, and being a pedestrian in Southern California. As of 2014, this blog will also be featuring posts about my bicycle adventures around Southern California.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why It Is Cool Not To Have A Driver's License

Waikiki In The Morning
Drivers are not able to take in beautiful scenery such as this morning on Waikiki, which is one of the perks of slowing down. Not everyone is in a rush, and you are the one who decides to take time to stroll and smell the roses.

Many people believe a driver's license is synonymous with freedom and turning sixteen. I, on the other hand, never obtained one, and do not feel bad about it either. Growing up I never really wanted to drive, and I only attempted to do so because people told me that is what everyone does. So maybe most people drive, but it scares the willies out of me. I finally decided to stop trying to learn how to drive, and I must declare why it is cool not to have a driver's license. Here are a few of the reasons:

+No need for pricey gym memberships when you walk everywhere to begin with.
+The ability to enjoy your surroundings without the rush of focusing on traffic and the road.
+No car insurance to buy.
+No expensive car payments.
+No pricey car repair fees.

The above points are just a few of reasons why I think it is super cool I never obtained my driver's license. One snotty guy once told me I would have to obtain a license if we ever dated because he only liked women that believed in "daily self-growth". Not that this guy would ever read this blog, but I can confidently declare that people who like me who not have licenses stiff believe in self-growth, and being able to walk faster each day is one area of self improvement for me. My world view on driving may not match yours, but if you are like me and are scared of driving, never let people make you feel inferior for it!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Walking Out By The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles are a range of small rocky hills in the San Bernardino Mountains. I highly recommend taking the time to hike to the top of The Pinnacles as the view below is quite spectacular.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Why Pedestrians Need Never Be Ashamed

So judgmental friends and associates are judging why you hate to drive. In this economy I noticed people have actually wised up about this, but seriously, maybe you should turn the tables on them next time. I do not because I reserve my outspoken thoughts for my blog, but in real life I chuckle when people just do not understand driving is not for us all. I feel super sexy when I am walking, and yes some guys even notice. It is not my goal to get male attention on my walks, but a healthy woman walking down the street is nothing to be ashamed of. I can wear my cute skirts and tone my calves, so all in all, being a pedestrian is nothing to be ashamed of!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why Walking Is Super Cool

I am happy to say all these years later I never get stuck in traffic walking. Yes, walking is super cool, athletic, healthy, and affordable too. Living near your work and shopping areas is ideal, but even if you live far away it is easy to engage in the walking lifestyle. Take the bus and walk a few blocks from the bus stop, or park your car towards the back of the park lot. Also, try to take the stairs rather than using the elevator, which is great exercise. If animals love to get out and walk about, then maybe people should follow suit.

Lucky Dog In Southern California Snow

Sunday, March 14, 2010

What Motivates You To Walk

If you are not an everyday pedestrian then you can always adopt the lifestyle on weekends and days off. Pedestrianism is great because it is the most affordable form of exercise in the world, and a wonderful way to explore your local community. Do you need some music to motivate you to walk? Try listening to an ipod on your daily strolls.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Taking Walks In The San Bernardino Mountains

People who drive more than walk can benefit from the pedestrian lifestyle by going for walks and hikes in the San Bernardino Mountains. Pedestrians can even go up to the mountains to go for hikes, and there is a great bus system operated through MARTA.

The Pinnacles: Lake Arrowhead

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How Pedestrians Shop For Groceries

As a lifelong pedestrian I must tell you lists and simplicity are the best way to tackle grocery shopping. I am guilty of carying my weight in groceries home on numerous occasions, but now I have shifted towards buying small amounts on each trip. When Europeans ago to market they aim to buy fresh essentials such as bread and fruit, rather than stocking up for a winter storm as many of us do here in America. Of all the times I bought mass quantities of groceries I noticed some things went unused, or expired before I had a chance to use the food.

In order to avoid waste I aim to go on several small grocery shopping trips, but since I like shopping maybe this is too enjoyable for me. I restrict myself to only the items on my list, and I have seen my grocery bills go down over the weeks. I only buy what I can comfortably carry for about a mile, which is a good aim for each of my small trips. Websites like amazon are great for stocking up on non-perishables, and items like paper towels and toilet paper.

Monday, March 8, 2010


I love to use pedometers to measure how far I walk each day. Since I do not go to the gym I aim to walk at least six miles on my daily walks. If you are not used to walking you should start out walking a quarter of a mile. Also, always ask your doctor before starting a new exercise routine. Walking is a very good form of low impact exercise though, so I highly recommend it. I always have fun seeing how far I walk each day, and keeping track of my results.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Walking In The Rain

I love to walk, but I sort of dread the days when it rains. I would much prefer to look at the rain from inside, rather than going out. These days do make for some spectacular photo opportunities though!

rainy day,sweetbearies.com

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Taking Pictures As I Walk

Another lovely thing about being a pedestrian is being able to take pictures as I walk. Honestly, I capture some great images, such as the one of these clouds in the sky the other day. It has been raining quit a bit lately, and the cloud formations have been very spectacular. This is not something that drivers would be able to see, so being able to walk once and a while is truly a treat.


Walking Is My Life

Walking is my life and this is how I get around town. When I was sixteen I remember taking driver's education because everyone said this is what people are supposed to do: drive. However, I waited until I was twenty-one to take driver's training behind the wheel, and let me just say I am a nervous driving. Rather than spend my life stressing about how driving makes me nervous, I prefer to be a pedestrian and to walk everywhere and anywhere. For me walking is transportation and a pleasure, and allows me to explore hidden parts of towns other people may never see when they are zipping by in their cars. This blog will celebrate the pedestrian life because it is nothing to be ashamed of!

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