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Every now and then I will update this blog with thoughts about walking, and being a pedestrian in Southern California. As of 2014, this blog will also be featuring posts about my bicycle adventures around Southern California.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Walk And Run On The Sidewalk

As a pedestrian I often lament how drivers do not look out for us, but I will admit some travelers on foot do not practice good behavior.  During marathons streets are cut off and people are permitted to run in these, but on ordinary days runners and walkers should use the sidewalk.  The other day I spotted four people running in a row in the street when the sidewalk was nearly empty, and I found that quite amusing.  It could not be easy for drivers to navigate around these runners taking up the road, and there was no excuse for them to be in the street.

The same applies to bike riders not sharing the road respectfully.  If you are riding a bike then I would definitely go with the flow of traffic and not impede it  I have spotted a couple of bicyclists who caused a traffic jam on a windy mountain road by refusing to pull over and allow the motorists to pass.  On such roads it would just be courtesy to pull to the shoulder of the road and let faster traffic pass.  Causing a traffic jam is never a good idea, and I have heard quite a few tales about bicyclists who make driving difficult.  I used to like bike riding on flat land, but I hate riding up and down hills, and prefer to walk because I do not feel safe riding with traffic.  Also, I would not want to cause traffic jams since I know I ride a bike slower than others.

So just because there are a lot of bad drivers out there does not mean that pedestrians, runners, and bicyclists are immune.  I even read one forum where a bicyclist was commenting on how he did not care if he was impeding traffic, and how people were jealous of his toned legs, and a lot of the drivers were probably obese.  Humble much?  So I think it is great to get our exercise and be fit, but keep in mind being courtesy in the world is also an element of this.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Walking In The Late Afternoon

Yesterday I read yet another article about how you need to be efficient when it comes to working out at the gym because it takes time to get there, and just thinking about that sounds exhausting. Even if you do have a car to drive to gym that is out of the way, why would you want to make time just to do something you consider to be such a chore? Not only do you have to make time to go to the gym, but you have to pay them to work out? When I was a college student we had to pay for the university gym with our tuition, and people encouraged us to us it because of this. I guess if you are into free weights that is great, or if you are really good at playing tennis, but the only thing I was really interested in doing was using the treadmill, and I realized how boring that was for me.

 When I want to walk I prefer to be outside listening to the birds, and hearing the wind rustle through the branches of the trees. Luckily, many of the cities in California are not so built up that you can actually still enjoy a bit of nature with the urban environment. Yesterday I watched more crows playing in a field across the street, and a little chihuahua stopped by on my walk. I instructed him to go home as I was worried he might run into the busy thoroughfare.

I did not have to pay to get a bit of exercise, and I find that so inspiring. So I think it is commendable to those who want to do rigorous workout routines at the gym, but it just is not necessary to be fit. If you are a pedestrian then you can definitely be in good shape and burn a lot of calories just by getting around town, but even people who drive most of the time can benefit from going on a late afternoon walk. In the winter in places where is snows I can understand wanting to be on a treadmill, but it just does not make much sense to me on a beautiful June day like this.


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