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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Why The Gym Is Not Required For Being In Shape

Being in shape does not mean you have to look like a fitness guru, or feel anger over some ordinary person who claims they lost a ton of weight, and posts pictures of their physique to social media. They might say provocative things about how others should strive harder to look like they do, but it is our choice if we let such comments rile us up.

All of my life I have been exceedingly active, and I have learned over the years I would rather eat balanced meals and be in shape rather than being a certain number on the scale.  Wearing a bikini on the beach is not my goal, but having toned legs really does inspire me because this helps me to bike and walk longer distances without fatigue.  I never get tired from a several mile walk, and I get an energy high from getting out there and walking and biking.

So the next time you get angry over someone telling you that you need to join a gym or weigh a certain amount to be healthy, I would just zone out.  It gets really boring when women start comparing each others physiques and talking about their weight foibles, especially when what is really going on is there is a little bit of a contest to see who is losing the most that month, week, etc.

Why not take the more solitary and economical approach to fitness and go on a walk, or buy a bike? Seriously, there is no need to spend big bucks to get fit. The truth is it is better to get into a healthy weight range, and I would rather be on the high end of that range get toned from walking and biking.  Having people tell me I look like I never eat dessert is not my goal.  Rather than get upset about the recent viral photographs people post on social media talking about their happiness over fitness and weight loss, I choose to have my own approach to physical fitness.  Even though I have been biking many days out of the week as of late, the other day I walked five miles and took pictures of a vacant field during my walking adventure.  I also spotted some stunning wild sunflowers growing in this field, and that is not something I would have seen if I had been cloistered in a gym.

Empty field with a view of the San Bernardino Mountains.

I wish I had brought my regular camera with me because the cell phone camera is just not as
vibrant, but it did suffice.

Wild sunflowers I spotted growing in the field.

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