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Every now and then I will update this blog with thoughts about walking, and being a pedestrian in Southern California. As of 2014, this blog will also be featuring posts about my bicycle adventures around Southern California.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Thoughts On Pedestrianism

Walking to work and to appointments is quite easy. Sure I could get a bike, and I admire those who enjoy it, but I never felt comfortable riding with traffic, which can be quite a bit daunting in SoCal. I am all about promoting pedestrianism in So Cal, and more than ever I am seeing more people walking to go places. Usually people just go for a walk or a run for exercise, but now I am seeing people actually get out to walk as a form of transportation. Sure you could buy a bus pass, but that still costs money, and walking will conserve a large amount of cash in your budget. People say oh it takes time to walk, but it also takes time to work out at the gym. So if you are driving all the time and never going to the gym, how do you burn calories? I guess if you have a high metabolism you never need to work out, but eventually that will catch up with you.

 Part of the reason I admire Michelle Obama is because she is promoting the Let's Move program for kids, and in all honesty, this generation of kids really does need more exercise. With kids constantly in front of the computer playing video games or texting their friends, when do they get time just to walk and look at the trees. When parents take out their smart phones and start chatting on Facebook, what kind of message are they sending to kids? Part of the reason I am hesitant to get an iphone is because there is enough access to the Internet as it is, and why would I want to be connected 24/7? If I had kids I would most likely never be texting or talking to other people because I would be keeping an eye on my children, and wanting to engage with them. I would rather have a conversation with my kids on a healthy walk than chatting on an iphone. By the way, I was cut off in an intersection when I had a walking light again the other day, and the woman who did this was punching away on her iphone - and had kids in the backseat of her car.
Enjoying a SoCal sunset during a walk.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pedestrians Should Be Given Free Identification Cards

Many states are proposing that voters show identification at their polling place, and honestly I am not completely against this.  When you apply for a store credit or use a credit card you are expected to show identification, so why is it so unreasonable to have to show ID at your polling place?  My one objection to having to show identification is the cost, which some people who do not drive cannot afford.  If you are an American who does not drive, there are chances you could not afford a car or ID.  It is unfair to expect the poorest Americans, many of who do not drive, to have to pay for their identification cards.  Also, why must pedestrians have to go to the DMV to get their identification cards?  As a pedestrian I can afford to buy my identification card, but I just find it a bit funny having to do so at the DMV since I am not a driver.

A few years back there was talk creating national identification cards for legal US citizens and residents, and I think that would be a good idea.  However, no one should be charged for these cards in order to keep these accessible.  This way pedestrians do not have to trudge to the DMV just to fill out paper work for an identification card, and the poorest Americans will not be subjected to the humiliation of not being able to afford their ID.  This might not be an issue for a large number of people, but the cost of an identification card can cost about a week's worth of groceries for many families.  We get free social security cards, and I believe it should be the same with a national ID card.  Actually, perhaps another idea would be to turn social security cards into national ID cards with a photograph.  Those who have been victims of identity theft who be more protected if a social security card was a form of photo identification.  If people lose their national ID card or social security card, then they could pay a reasonable price to replace it.  With all the arguments swirling around about how it is a violation of civil liberties to show an identification card at the polling place, why not just eliminate this problem by providing this cards for free for all legal US citizens and residents.  Problem solved, and the price of creating these cards for all Americans would be well worth the cost.

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