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Friday, April 16, 2010

Walking In The San Bernardino Mountains Is A Sight For The Senses

The beauty of my mountain always comes to mind when I go for walks and hikes in the San Bernardino Mountains.

Beautiful San Bernardino Mountains

Here is a beautiful sunset captured on a late January afternoon walk.

How To Fit In A Ten Mile Walk

As a pedestrian my work outs are built into my day. I walk anyway and everywhere, and I was amazed and proud of myself for walking ten miles the other day. I usually walk about six miles five or six days a week, but the ten miles felt exhilarating. Why do I love walking? It is free and I can look at my beautiful San Bernardino Mountains!

Picture of Mount Baldy

Gazing upon the snow capped mountains is enough incentive for me to walk. I heart being a pedestrian.

Monday, April 12, 2010

More of My Hike To The Pinnacles

Today I am finally getting around to uploading more of my pictures from my hike to The Pinnacles. As a pedestrian walking is my primary form of transportation, but when I went on a hike last weekend in the San Bernardino Mountains that was just for fun. Hiking is a great form of exercise for those who are not pedestrians. As you know I just do not see the point of paying to work out at a gym when you can go for beautiful walks in nature.

The Pinnacles 12

Looking out from The Pinnacles.

The Pinnacles 11

These boulders are big and friendly enough to stretch out on a read a novel. Well I think it might be a bit hard, but they are big enough to lay on.

The Pinnacles 10

Walking around at The Pinnacles and looking at the beauty of nature.

The Pinnacles 9

Take in all of the beautiful scenery.

The Pinnacles 8

More beautiful boulders to look at.

The Pinnacles 7

I love looking at the hills with nice large rocks.

Friday, April 9, 2010

More Pictures From My Walk Around The Pinnacles

I took about a hundred pictures of my walk around The Pinnacles in the San Bernardino Mountains, and I am sharing a few more of these here:


Large rocks frame the desert mountains in the distance.


Close-up of the large rock formations.


The small creek running through The Pinnacles is filled with numerous smaller rocks, which have broken off from the larger boulders. During the winter months the creek can grow quite large, causing bits of the larger boulders to break off.


Glorious rock formations surrounded by chaparral bushes.


Looking out towards the desert with The Pinnacles off to the left.


Same shot as above, but from a slightly different angle.

Water At The Pinnacles

Water running between the large boulders.

Walking Out Around The Pinnacles

Today I am finally getting around to posting the pictures I took on our Easter hike at The Pinnacles in the San Bernardino Mountains. I grew up there, and this part of the mountain will always feel like home to me. Running and walking out by The Pinnacles with the bright blue sky against the blouders was like heaven to me. I love to go back out there and spend time in nature, which is always spectacular.

Another Shot of The Creek

Here I am taking a picture of a small creek near The Pinnacles that has rocks in it. This little creek becomes a much larger stream after it rains or snows. Notice how I have hidden an orange Easter egg behind one of the rocks.

A Small Creek Near The Pinnacles

Here is another photo of the cute little stream near The Pinnacles.

San Bernardino Montains,The Pinnacles

The large boulders are lovely to climb up, if you are a bit daring. I myself prefer to walk up the hills and then ascend the top of the boulders. I highly recommend going up to the San Bernardino Mountains to view the lovely rock up at The Pinnacles.

Rocks at the Pinnacles

Here the small creeks trickles between the amazing large boulders.

Large Boulders At The Pinnacles

Another shot of the lovely rocks at The Pinnacles.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hiking In The San Bernardino Mountains

I am still uploading all of the beautiful pictures I took on my hike in the San Bernardino Mountains. Here are a few more I have not shared yet:

San Bernardino Mountains One

In this shot I am looking out towards The Pinnacles.

Shadows On The Ground

This was an accidental shot, but I love how my shadow is caste upon the sticks and rocks below.

San Bernardino Mountains Two

The shapes of the trees and the once that are barren in the early spring are always interesting to glance at. This is the lovely part of being a walker, being able to see all the lovely creations of nature.

San Bernardino Mountains Three

Here is another lovely picture of The Pinnacles, and I love how the branches above are framing it.

San Bernardino Mountains Four

This is a nice spot for looking up at the trees and the sky.

San Bernardino Mountains 5

A fire raged through this part of the mountains back in 2007, and many trees are now dead. However, small trees are sprouting on these hills, and many of the trees survived the fire.

San Bernardino Mountains 7

Here are the trunks of a tree that was singed in the fire. This tree is still very beautiful.

San Bernardino Mountains 6

Looking down at the trees below.

Out By The Pinnacles

Looking up at a hill and the beautiful blue sky.

Looking Down Towards Hesperia

Here I am looking down at the valley and Hesperia in the distance. This is one of my favorite look out points.

Blooming Tree

There is nothing quite as beautiful as a pear tree blossoming in magnificent pink buds.

Beautiful Sky

Here is a picture I took of a apple tree with beautiful pink blossoms.


Here are some lovely daffodils, which are one of my favorite flowers.


Looking down on another blossoming daffodil.


I like to take pictures of daffodils, so here is another one to share with you.

San Bernardino Mountains Nine

Here is another shot of the

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Lovely Walk On Easter Sunday

I had the priviliege of taking yet another lovely walk in the San Bernardino Mountains on Easter Sunday 2010. Here are some of the spectacular pictures of nature I captured during my hikes through the San Bernardino Mountains. By the way hiking is a great way for people who are not usually pedestrians to get exercise.

Lake Arrowhead,Forest,San Bernardino Mountains

Here is a lovely picture I took of a windy forest trail. The fire come through here in 2007, and the forest is beginning to regrow in this area.

sweetbearies.com,hillside,Lake Arrowhead

Here I am looking down a hillside as I jaunt through the forest.


Trees have some of the most interesting shapes. These trees that were singed in the fire almost look as if they belong in a tale such as The Legend of Sleepy Hallow.


This rope swing has provided many hours of fun for kids and adults taking walks through this forest.


Looking at the trunks of trees that were burned in the fire. The forest is beginning to regrow, and here are the first signs of spring in 2010.


Looking at the rocky mountains in the distance, which are a wonderful site during a nature walk.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pedestrians Laugh When People Tell Them They Should Drive

Yes I am a liberal and I believe in climate change and environmental conservation, but that is not why I do not drive. However, one of the perks of not driving is not contributing to air pollution during my walks. Driving scares the willies out of me, and as a woman in my thirties I have no problem admitting that. Driving a car does not make you better in any way, and as an adult I have learned to speak out about people that need to use something to make themselves feel better than others. I think most people who ask why do you not drive do it out of curiosity and kindness, but a few are also snarky about it. So the next time someone condescendingly asks you why you do not drive, you can always say because you do not feel like it. As a rejoinder ask them why they do drive, and see them explain that. I actually did once and the guy wondered why I asked, so I asked him why he asked me a question first. It made a good point about why people should never put others down. Any time someone does that to you realize they are doing it because they are insecure in some very real way. Walking is a beautiful and athletic thing, and nothing to be ashamed about. Besides, I know using water bottles is not great, but I am much more apt to say well I can use a few a month since I do not drive. I recycle all of my water bottles, or reuse these anyway.

The Full Moon

When going for a walk I took this lovely picture of the moon.

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