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Every now and then I will update this blog with thoughts about walking, and being a pedestrian in Southern California. As of 2014, this blog will also be featuring posts about my bicycle adventures around Southern California.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Walking And Talking Vlog

My bike tire popped the other day, so I had to walk. This seemed like a good opportunity to do a walking and talking vlog.

Why Uber And Lyft Are A Good Option For Pedestrians

Most people want to drive, so transportation is not an issue for them. However, not everyone is interested in driving, and some people do not want to own a car. Or maybe, someone would rather hire someone to drive once and awhile.

In the past, I had to take taxis, and some of my experiences were not the best. Southern California has a large population density, but places are spread out between each other because we are the largest state in the continental 48 states. I do not take Uber and Lyft every day, but once and awhile when I go to visit a friend I like to use their service. I also liked that you can sometimes find a female Uber driver, not that I have had any bad experiences with the male ones.

However, it just reminded me of my days taking taxis. The cabs would act like they could pick and choose who they wanted to pick up. That is all fine and good, but it does not work for someone who needs a ride and is lost in a rural area. I remember when I first moved to a new town and I had to wait two hours for a cab. Finally, an old fashion cabbie came and got me, and told me how he was appalled that taxis were not picking up jobs, and ignoring some people. He also had picked up a lady waiting at the hospital for over five hours for a ride. This is just not acceptable, so if new competition comes into town that is ready and willing to pick people up, guess who wins out.

So it is not that I am an uber fan girl, but every experience I have had taking uber has surpassed that of a taxi. Sometimes you even end up paying more for uber when there was a surge, so one time I spent 85 dollars on a ride that is usually thirty. The driver told me he got eighty percent, so I felt good about that. Another uber driver was using the service to help put her kids through college, and it was the only job that worked for her schedule.

So I know uber is not popular with taxis, but the reason I like it is because it is reliable, and I do not have twiddle my thumbs wondering if someone will pick me up if I am lost in a rural part of SoCal. It is also helping to cut down on drunk driving here, which is still a problem in our part of the state. Uber is also gaining popularity in Southern California because they are willing to provide a service the taxi cab companies are not. If a taxi company wants to build an app and become more dependable here in SoCal, then maybe people will consider cabs here.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

What Is Your California Dream?

Does the California dream have to involve having a certain house, a certain social status, or a certain car. I do not think so. There is enjoyment to be found in walking and bicycling for transportation, and I have finally reached the point where I am not afraid to say so.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Hiking In Southern California

Yesterday I went on a hike, which is a great way to get exercise in. You do not have to be a pedestrian to enjoy hiking in Southern California.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cinco de Mayo Walking Memory

I forgot to post this Cinco de Mayo walking memory, but I created a video about it yesterday for your viewing pleasure.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pedestrians And Bicyclists Should Just Stay In The Park

Pedestrians and bicyclists should get off the road and stay in the park. According to one jokester, that is.
I do believe we need some rules of the road for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians. Of course people break those rules, but there need to be some guidelines to keep people in their own lane so to speak. Beyond that we need more courtesy for all people, and that includes drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

I am not a fan of bicyclists or pedestrians who pull in front of drivers, or who are not aware of their environment, but there is another segment of the population who irk me a bit more. It is the drivers who say they are joking, but who say things like:

"Pedestrians and bicyclists should stay in the park."

So as much as you may say you are joking when you make comments like that, there seems to be a bit of truth to the joke. I often hear drivers complain about how they do not like bicyclists clogging up the street. As if only drivers have the right to be there.

I have even heard drivers say things about how they want elderly people to cross the street faster. I am the worst driver in the world, but the one thing that bothered me when I was learning how to drive was my driving instructor complaining an elderly lady was not crossing the street fast enough. I have had people honk at me for not crossing fast enough, and call me the b word if I do not make it across the street in one second. This might be a minority of people you say, but it seems the inclination to road rage increases when people get behind the wheel.  Bicyclists and pedestrians have to leave earlier to get to their location, but people in cars seem to think the laws of time do not always apply to them. Okay so you left late, but that does not mean you get to scare the bejeebees out of someone crossing on the walking light by taking your right hand turn as they are crossing.

Being a jokester and poking at a person who shares an alternative mode of transportation does not make you cool. To me it just sounds like the standard commentary of people who think that anyone who does not want to drive is an outcast.

Then again, the need to poke at someone says a lot more about you than anyone else. The most witty people with the best sense of humor do not usually have to prod others. They are not constantly making cheap shot jokes. It is not an endearing quality, but I realize the people who need to do that must be looking for some sort of validation.

The way people drive can be improved by simply displaying a bit of common courtesy. A lot of people do not want to drive for a good reason, and we do not contain our activities for simply going to the park.

I actually would rather go hiking on a nature trail when I do have free time, and not spend it in a park.

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Palm Tree

Today on my bike ride home I stopped to admire the little palm tree.

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