Walking Everywhere, and Anywhere!

Every now and then I will update this blog with thoughts about walking, and being a pedestrian in Southern California. As of 2014, this blog will also be featuring posts about my bicycle adventures around Southern California.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Gas Prices Do Not Impact My Pocket Book

Gas prices do not impact my pocket book because I do not drive.  However, if you do drive, you might have to ration some of your trips out because I hear gas prices are going up again.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Reflective Gear For Night Walking

Be safe while walking near twilight, and in the blackness of the night!

When walking towards twilight and in the pitch black of night, it might be best to think about wearing reflective gear, which will help to make your more visible to drivers.  Here are some reflective things that caught my eye:

This reflective vest would help a pedestrian be more visible in the dark of night. Reflective leg bands help people see your legs moving across intersections as you walk at night. Get back into the 80's vibe with this fun, and reflective, head band, and maybe listen to a few power ballads on your ipod as your stroll around town.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Walking Home On Cloudy And Amazing Days

As a pedestrian I see some beautiful sights on my walks, and having a camera handy allows me to take photographs.

Pictures of clouds in the sky.

Looking out towards Mount San Antonio with beautiful clouds suspended over the peaks of the mountains.

Another beautiful picture of Mount San Antonio.

Looking at the beauty of Mount San Antonio.

The shapes of the clouds are quite alluring.

Studying the shapes of the clouds is quite alluring.

The shapes of the trees are quite amazing.

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