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Every now and then I will update this blog with thoughts about walking, and being a pedestrian in Southern California. As of 2014, this blog will also be featuring posts about my bicycle adventures around Southern California.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Pedestrians Wear Flat Shoes

Pedestrians and people who are on their feet wear flat shoes because this is what is practical.  I have been a walker all my life, and I shall continue to be a walker because it is my favorite form of transportation.  I love walking swiftly down the sidewalk, and heels make that harder.  When platform wedges were in style in the early 2000's I made the mistake of walking in those because I wanted to look trendy, and it always hurt my feet.  I cannot believe I once walked three miles in platform wedges, it is quite daunting to think about!

Then I got into my late twenties and realized I look good in walking shoes and a skirt, and that is how I am going to dress.  I am not going to buy pairs of flat dressy shoes that cut up the back of my heels, because even with minimal movement these always do.  Yes I try shoes on often, but my heels are very thin and always end up getting cut up.  Even with tennis shoes I have to be very careful, and wear certain types of sock.  So wearing flat shoes is perfectly fine, and men do it all the time.  I feel like I have so many opinions bubbling up to the surface as of late, but why do women have to be told heels are dressy when a guy would never wear those.  Tell men they should wear heels to if you think women should wear heels.  Sometimes I think women are more judging about what they think other women should be wearing then most men who could care less if women were walking shoes.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Maybe Someday I Will Meet A Fellow Walker

For the most part I am happy being single, but if I am destined to ever meet someone, I think he might be a walker like me. I think maybe we will meet each other on a walk and talk about how we have both vowed to stop drinking soda, even though we occasionally slip once and awhile. There is just something about the idea of meeting a fellow walker, I am going to keep this a bit more in mind.

Monday, July 2, 2012

You Know You Are A Hardcore Pedestrian When You Enjoy The Summer Heat

You know you are a hardcore pedestrian when you can walk over three miles in the summer heat and it does not faze you a bit. However, I have been walking, running, and biking in the heat of Southern California my entire life, and my penchant for warmer weather makes this appealing to me. As long as I take my water bottle and wear a hat I am good to go! I remember about ten years ago when I was still living up in the mountains a repairman gasped when he spotted me emerging from the woods, and commented on how it was a hundred degree outside. "I love the heat I told him," and I watched his jaw drop.

The reality for me is walking in the summer heat in the city is really no big deal for me because I used to bike, run, and hike up in the San Bernardino Mountains, and during the summer months the barometer can rise on the backside of the mountain. The summer months were always my favorite because I did not have to dress in layers, which I have never enjoyed to be honest. Now that I am older I make sure to wear sunblock more often, shirts that cover my shoulders, a proper hat, and I am ready to go. When I see bikers training throughout the city I know I am fine walking in 90+ degrees, but I do not recommend this for most people. I just wish others would realize some people like to walk and train in the warmer months, and we do not let the high temperature outside keep us from enjoying nature. I live in a city with many palm trees and other trees, and it is almost like being in the woods when I walk along certain arbor laden parts of town. Of course I need to visit the mountains again soon, but living in a city with trees is definitely my cup of tea.
Abandoned portion of the Santa Fe Railroad with many trees growing nearby.

I still think about getting a bike because I spotted a cute one the other day, but I am quite afraid of driving conditions in SoCal. Until there are more bike routes in our cities, and drivers are a bit more cautious of pedestrians, I am going to keep walking. So if you enjoy walking, running, or biking in the summer heat, know you are not alone. Just remember to hydrate!

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