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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pedestrians Laugh When People Tell Them They Should Drive

Yes I am a liberal and I believe in climate change and environmental conservation, but that is not why I do not drive. However, one of the perks of not driving is not contributing to air pollution during my walks. Driving scares the willies out of me, and as a woman in my thirties I have no problem admitting that. Driving a car does not make you better in any way, and as an adult I have learned to speak out about people that need to use something to make themselves feel better than others. I think most people who ask why do you not drive do it out of curiosity and kindness, but a few are also snarky about it. So the next time someone condescendingly asks you why you do not drive, you can always say because you do not feel like it. As a rejoinder ask them why they do drive, and see them explain that. I actually did once and the guy wondered why I asked, so I asked him why he asked me a question first. It made a good point about why people should never put others down. Any time someone does that to you realize they are doing it because they are insecure in some very real way. Walking is a beautiful and athletic thing, and nothing to be ashamed about. Besides, I know using water bottles is not great, but I am much more apt to say well I can use a few a month since I do not drive. I recycle all of my water bottles, or reuse these anyway.

The Full Moon

When going for a walk I took this lovely picture of the moon.

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