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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hiking In The San Bernardino Mountains

I am still uploading all of the beautiful pictures I took on my hike in the San Bernardino Mountains. Here are a few more I have not shared yet:

San Bernardino Mountains One

In this shot I am looking out towards The Pinnacles.

Shadows On The Ground

This was an accidental shot, but I love how my shadow is caste upon the sticks and rocks below.

San Bernardino Mountains Two

The shapes of the trees and the once that are barren in the early spring are always interesting to glance at. This is the lovely part of being a walker, being able to see all the lovely creations of nature.

San Bernardino Mountains Three

Here is another lovely picture of The Pinnacles, and I love how the branches above are framing it.

San Bernardino Mountains Four

This is a nice spot for looking up at the trees and the sky.

San Bernardino Mountains 5

A fire raged through this part of the mountains back in 2007, and many trees are now dead. However, small trees are sprouting on these hills, and many of the trees survived the fire.

San Bernardino Mountains 7

Here are the trunks of a tree that was singed in the fire. This tree is still very beautiful.

San Bernardino Mountains 6

Looking down at the trees below.

Out By The Pinnacles

Looking up at a hill and the beautiful blue sky.

Looking Down Towards Hesperia

Here I am looking down at the valley and Hesperia in the distance. This is one of my favorite look out points.

Blooming Tree

There is nothing quite as beautiful as a pear tree blossoming in magnificent pink buds.

Beautiful Sky

Here is a picture I took of a apple tree with beautiful pink blossoms.


Here are some lovely daffodils, which are one of my favorite flowers.


Looking down on another blossoming daffodil.


I like to take pictures of daffodils, so here is another one to share with you.

San Bernardino Mountains Nine

Here is another shot of the

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