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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pedestrian Crossings: Pedestrians Are Entitled To The Walking Light

Pedestrian crossings can be quite scary, and dangerous, when drivers fail to yield for the walking light, or stop their cars in the cross walk; thus preventing the pedestrian from crossing. I hate crossing streets in the midday because many Southern California drivers' are way too aggressive about making their right hand turns, and often they will not yield for you, even when you have the walking light. I had one driver honk at me to get out of his way as I was crossing during the walking light! Did I mention I run across streets quickly, and I worry about senior citizens that might be hit by these overly aggressive drivers. If you are in a car and behind a wheel please calm down and realize pedestrians are entitled to their walking light.

If you are pedestrian buy some good walking shoes because stilettos are not the thing for walking! All you need is foot pain while trying to navigate the harrowing cross walks of Southern California.

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