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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Comment On the Ellen Show I Do Not Agree With

Today I was watching the Ellen show because now that I do not have cable, I only receive over the air channels with my antennae. To be honest I usually do not watch network TV because I do not like commercials, and usually preferred to only watch movies and documentaries on HBO, which I dearly miss. Today I turned on the TV and was listening to the Ellen show for a bit, and whereas I think it is nice she gave a struggling mother a fuel efficient car to help her out, I simply had to disagree with how Ellen mentioned several times that it is not good to walk several miles everyday.

 I guess Ellen I just do not agree with Ellen on this one.   Walking is healthy, safe, and good for the environment, and many groups are encouraging kids and parents to bike and walk to school more. Ellen made a big deal about how walking a mile to and from school is way too far, but I could not help but shake my head and think I walked two miles each way when I was a school kid. Some people who like to walk and do not want to drive, and there is nothing wrong with that. Fitness experts recommend getting at least thirty minutes of exercise per day, and walking a mile to a location would be a great way to meet this minimum requirement. 

Why are some Americans so opposed to walking even short distances? Some people would rather take a tram or drive than even walk a short five minute stroll? Whenever I wanted to walk rather than take a tram from the parking lot to the front entrance of an amusement park, there were always some people in our group had a conniption fit, but I could not help but think if you are walking around a park all day, how are a few minutes from the parking lot to the entrance going to make much difference?

Some people that lecture me about walking and how I should drive are willing to pay a high gym bill, and I cannot help but think I get as much exercise as someone going to a gym several times a week, and mine is for free. So that is nice Ellen wanted to help out a mother with young kids by giving her a car, but she does not have to slight pedestrians just because she thinks walking several mile a day might seem too far. Of course this is just someone's opinion, but now more than ever with oil spills and air pollution, I am much more content with my pedestrian lifestyle. There is nothing in the year 2010 that would compel me to want to drive or buy a new car.

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