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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pedestrians Taking Pictures At Sunset

At sunset time I love walking around the San Bernardino Mountains because there is always something beautiful to see. Walking is a beautiful way to commune with nature, especially when you can take pictures of a glorious sunset.

I love how the sun is just below the horizon here, which is a picture I took during my pedestrian walk.

The outline of the trees during sunset is amazing.

When you go for a walk rather than driving then you can slow down and appreciate the sunset.

Here I photographed a tangerine colored sunset with streaky pink clouds in the distance.

The outline of the mountains has inspired another picture, which I may turn into a drawing later.

Walking is a wonderful way to take exquisite pictures of the San Bernardino Mountains.

I took a picture of some flowers during my walk.

Here is the bright sorbet colors of the sunset that I captured during my walk through the San Bernardino Mountains.

This is a very deep and brightly hued sunset.

I like the way the trees are framing the sunset here.

Another amazing picture I took during my walk.

The outline of the blue sky with the tangerine clouds is simply glorious.  If you get out of your house to take a walk then you can see beautiful sites this as this sunset.

You can see the mountains in the distance in this photograph.

A closeup of the beautiful tangerine hued sunset.

I love how the branches hang down in this shot.

As I was walking I was lucky enough to capture this picture.

The streaks of light orange to dark tangerine in the sky are amazing.

Another view of the sunset with the tunnel two ridge in the background.

Walking at sunset is a spiritual way to end you day, especially when you can see beauty such as this.

The branch hanging down lends interest to this picture.

I love the vibrant and beautiful colors of the sky that I saw on the night I took this picture.

The colors of the rainbow are present in the sunset picture I took during my walk.

There are some pinkish hints in the sky here.

This bush is covering Mount San Antonio in the distance.

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