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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Yield to Pedestrians in Cross Walks

A major annoyance, and danger, for us pedestrians are vehicles that fail to yield to us in cross walks when there is a walking light. This can be quite daunting when a giant SUV leaves you marooned in the center of the street, and the cars behind it may not necessarily see you until they approach the intersection. A pedestrian should not have to shout and motion to a car to stop in the first place, and you should see when there is a walking light. It is especially scary cross California Street here in Redlands in the middle of the day during heavy traffic, which tends to be the part of the day when motorists lack manners the most and cut off pedestrians with the walking light. Many of us pedestrians wait for our turn to cross, and it is disconcerting that vehicles that are going to get to their location faster than a person on foot are in such a rush that they will go ahead at make their right turn, and not look for people crossing the street. When one vehicle refuses to yield for a pedestrian with the walking light on California Street, a long stream of these cars continue to make their right hand turns, and could care less if they put pedestrians in jeopardy. Slow down, look at the lights, and yield for pedestrian traffic!

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