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Monday, July 19, 2010

Stop Telling Me Not To Walk In The Summer Heat

I know many people hate the heat of summer and complain about it the minute they enter an air conditioned building, but the truth is I love the summer heat. I love the feeling of walking on a warm day, and I have grown weary of people suggesting I should not walk in the heat and should take the bus instead. The bus is a great form of transportation for people without cars, but I love walking whenever and wherever I can. I do not pay for gym memberships, so my pedestrian lifestyle is how I stay in shape. If the excessive summer temperatures were too excruciating for me then I would be taking the bus, and I have walked out in the low desert where it was much warmer, like say 110 degrees. To me 100 degrees is not as hot as that, and I know myself well enough to say walking in the heat is enjoyable for me. It is funny how people engage in lots of dangerous activities like drinking to excess, or smoking, but I get hounded because I enjoy walking in the summer?

Yes I know people worry about me and care about me when they say these things, but I pride myself on being savvy enough to know what is best. I often think people's lack of exercise and smoking is ridiculous, but I am not supposed to say anything about that, but smokers and people who do not exercise much are allowed to comment on my preference for pedestrianism? A bit contradictory really, especially since walking is healthy. I often know what is good for my health, and obtaining vigorous exercise is very important to me. I have no desire to ever drive, and I love walking. Why is pedestrianism so scary to some, and why do people suggest I at least get a bike or roller blade to my destinations. Those are both great forms of exercise as well, but I enjoy the pace of just walking on my own two feet. So here I am sticking up for us fellow pedestrians who love the summer and walking in it, and just suggest to those of you who chagrin us for doing so that maybe the heat does not get to us. People are savvy enough to figure out what works for them, and if the heat is too much they will take a bus.

I find it interesting people go to sweltering beaches in the summer or on hikes in national parks, but people act all concerned if you are a pedestrian walking in a city. The bottom line is walking as a mode of transportation is highly misunderstood in our modern age of the car. I love the freedom of pedestrianism, and I am an advocate of this!

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