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Sunday, June 6, 2010

With the BP Oil Spill We All Need to Walk More, and Drive Less

I know for years people have thought I was gung ho and a wet blanket for choosing to walk more and take the bus less, but I hate driving. Even if I did drive I would still walk miles per day because I love doing this for my health, and driving a gas gussler is not my cup of tea. The BP oil spill has shown us how out of control our oil consumption truly is, and how we need to change our habits for the better. Gone are the days when someone can say drill baby drill, and we will not think about the poor sea life off the Gulf of Mexico.

Climate change deniers have been decrying Al Gore saying his book and DVD An Inconvenient Truth is not based on science, and that clean energy jobs are a joke. Sorry, but I think Al Gore is right on the money about this one, and switching to clean energy jobs would not only help our environment, but would help the American economy as well. Currently our reliance on oil only helps the richest corporations, and richer Americans. We need to switch things up a bit by buying hybrid cars, manufacturing cars that only run on solar power, and really investigating ways we can walk more and drive less. This is our only planet, and we cannot continue to pollute it into oblivion. I truly hope the BP oil spill has opened a few eyes about this.

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