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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Walk Or Bike To The Store To Avoid Parking Issues

I am not going to be doing shopping much during the holiday season because the crowds and frenzy are not really my thing.  However, there were lots of Black Friday news reports about people fighting over parking spaces, when this could have been avoided by walking or biking to the store.

If you live less than a mile from the store, then why not plan a family walk to go shopping?  Sure the stores might be a bit crowded during the holiday season, but at least you will not have to worry about fighting over a parking spot because even on regular days people can be a bit contentious about these.

A good pair of walking shoes is always a nice gift for people who are active.

Whereas I have no interest in waiting in line to buy a TV or computer, which are items that can be purchased online, I do enjoy more practical gifts like shoes.   I might treat myself to a new pair, and this is a great gift for people who are active.  A bike is also a nice gift for people who want to commute without a car.  So there are other gift options out there for the Christmas season, and walking to the store is a great way to avoid fighting over parking spaces.


  1. We live too far from the stores to walk. But my mother did buy my daughter a nice pair of new walking shoes at a very good discount yesterday. They are really nice looking, and when she puts them on she seems to be walking on air!

  2. I am thinking for people that live here in Southern California, where many do live within walking distance of the store. I see people drive half a block there and back, and then complain about parking. I just think why not take your bike, or walk as a family, if you live close enough to do so. I am glad your daughter got a nice pair of walking shoes.


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