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Monday, April 11, 2011

Why Do Southern Californians Fight Over Parking Spots

A few years a friend parked in a shopping complex that included a popular gym. Apparently he had parked in one of the spaces near the gym, and a lady came up to him and got mad because she claimed he took the spot she wanted. My friend was quite bewildered and had been there first, and this lady was upset because she had to walk a bit further to her gym.

Was she really upset about that, I mean really? I think it is great when people go to gym to work out, but why on earth would anyone balk over having to walk more than five feet from their car to the gym. One thing I never understood when people who are capable of strenuous cardio and weight lifting workouts at the gym are the ones who circle the parking lot looking for a space closest to the store.

Southern California has a high population density and people love to circle to find the front parking spots. Even people I know do this, and it drives me bonkers. Since I am a pedestrian I walk many miles per week, and I can walk across an entire shopping center parking lot in the less time than it takes many people in Southern California to fight over the front spots.

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