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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Do You Hate Driving? Then Hop On A Bicycle!

I have never liked driving, and it gets old to hear people comment on how everyone in Southern California needs to drive.  Perhaps the majority of people do drive here in the south land, but that does not mean I have travel this way.  For years I have enjoyed walking around, but a few months ago I decided to get a bike because it does cut down on my travel time.

Riding a bicycle is not as fast a driving a car, but you only need to go a three miles each way, a bicycle is a wonderful way to commute.  Also I love riding my bicycle for about eighty percent of my travel because it helps me get exercise without scheduling a workout session.  Riding a bike up a slight incline for three miles is a great workout, and you feel rewarded on the way back because you are mostly coasting downwards.  So if you want to save some money on gasoline and car repair, or if you are tired of taking the bus to work every day, why no invest in a bike?


  1. I like your bike. I have two mountain bikes that I bought for interns for Project Bow who did not have a car. They were not used to riding, though. It was too hard for them, and they quit after two days. They were from California, but they were not like you. I think they were used to having a car and driving all the time.

    Personally, I prefer to walk, but I really should use those bikes with my daughter sometime.

  2. Maybe your daughter and her friends would have fun riding. I think your interns were probably from a bigger city. People who grow up in rural parts of California are more outdoorsy.


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