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Friday, July 27, 2012

Pedestrians Wear Flat Shoes

Pedestrians and people who are on their feet wear flat shoes because this is what is practical.  I have been a walker all my life, and I shall continue to be a walker because it is my favorite form of transportation.  I love walking swiftly down the sidewalk, and heels make that harder.  When platform wedges were in style in the early 2000's I made the mistake of walking in those because I wanted to look trendy, and it always hurt my feet.  I cannot believe I once walked three miles in platform wedges, it is quite daunting to think about!

Then I got into my late twenties and realized I look good in walking shoes and a skirt, and that is how I am going to dress.  I am not going to buy pairs of flat dressy shoes that cut up the back of my heels, because even with minimal movement these always do.  Yes I try shoes on often, but my heels are very thin and always end up getting cut up.  Even with tennis shoes I have to be very careful, and wear certain types of sock.  So wearing flat shoes is perfectly fine, and men do it all the time.  I feel like I have so many opinions bubbling up to the surface as of late, but why do women have to be told heels are dressy when a guy would never wear those.  Tell men they should wear heels to if you think women should wear heels.  Sometimes I think women are more judging about what they think other women should be wearing then most men who could care less if women were walking shoes.

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