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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Maybe Someday I Will Meet A Fellow Walker

For the most part I am happy being single, but if I am destined to ever meet someone, I think he might be a walker like me. I think maybe we will meet each other on a walk and talk about how we have both vowed to stop drinking soda, even though we occasionally slip once and awhile. There is just something about the idea of meeting a fellow walker, I am going to keep this a bit more in mind.


  1. I understand the sentiment. Are there many other walkers where you normally walk? I find that it is hard to strike up a conversation in a public place and people often avoid meeting one another's gaze. But if you see the same person often, then eventually it is okay to exchange words.

  2. Not really, but I am thinking again I will be open to meeting someone. I made the mistake yesterday of thinking someone who I talk with online once and awhile might actually be taking a deeper interest in me, but it turns out he just wanted to chat. I am just thinking about possibilities of meeting people again because I am not always anti-romance per se, I have just be discouraged because it is not something I have come upon easily. I am thinking I am going to be more open to meeting people in real life again, and thought perhaps someone I see walking one day would be a fellow traveler I could strike up a deeper and more consistent conversation with.


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