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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pedestrians Can Look Good Without Resorting To Shape Wear

One of the reasons I have never been overly enthusiastic about shape wear is because it cinches you in, and is incredibly constrictive and uncomfortable. I am the type of woman who loves to wear skirts, but these will always be flowy with enough room to allow me to move around. Actually, shape wear usually only makes a person look like they lost a few pounds, and you can do the same thing by walking more often. Thus, pedestrians most certainly do not need shape wear since everyone can look fit and amazing through exercise, and by wearing clothes that are not so ridiculously tight. Actually, I totally advocate wearing a cute shirt rather than a constructive outfit, such as the one I have designed below.
The shirt above was designed with a photograph I took of acorns in the San Bernardino Mountains, which just goes to show all the amazing things you can see in the world when you are being active.

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