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Monday, February 27, 2012

With Gas Prices Soon Reaching $5 Per Gallon, I Am Glad To Be Walking

Sunset During A Walk

Of course prices at the store will rise with gas prices nearing $5 a gallon here in Southern California, but it is good to know that now, more than ever, I can save money by walking.  The pedestrian lifestyle has many benefits, with the primary one being that I never have to pay to go to an exercise class.  However, one thing I have to do is plan a bit ahead when it comes to transporting a cute pair of shoes I want to wear somewhere.  For the last couple of years I had just been wearing tennis shoes most of the time since I am on my feet, but I finally decided to buy a cute pair of flats, which meant I needed to devise a simple plan for carrying my shoes.  I settled on using a cloth grocery bag for transporting my cute flats when I am walking, and I keep my tennis in the same bag when I am wearing the more dressy pair.

This has also allowed me to cut down on the amount of things I take with me on walks since all I now bring are my shoes, and snacks that will fit in the bag.  Many people talk about the different types of exercises they do to stay in shape, but what about being a pedestrian?  Of course on a daily basis I have to watch out for drivers who fail to stop behind the crosswalk line, and those who feel making their right-hand turn on the walking light are of paramount importance, but for the most part the pedestrian walking life is good for me.  During my long walks I gaze upon the San Benrardino Mountains and the beautiful palm trees that adorn our Inland Valley below.


  1. It sounds like a good way to get around and not have to worry about exercising.

    I used to walk a lot, too, when I lived in Houston, Texas, but in the summer time, you would practically need a shower when you got to your destination.

    1. Houston can definitely get humid. We get hot in the summer too, but it is more of a dry heat.


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