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Monday, February 13, 2012

Taking A Walk Near An Orange Field At Sunset

The other day I decided to take a walk near an orange field at sunset.  Loma Linda is one of the few places in Southern California that has a large orange field, as many of these have been cut down over the years to build new homes and businesses.  Taking pictures of the orange field around sunset is like going on a walk down California's memory lane.

As I walk by the orange field I took some pictures to show everyone what this part of Loma Linda looks like around sunset. I highly recommend walking so you can see all the magnificent views that usually wiz by as you are zooming down the street in your car.

Southern California At Sunset Southern California At Sunset The Orange Field The Orange Field The Orange Field 013


  1. What a great place to walk. Much better than just in a built up area of a city. Lucky you

    1. Our city is interesting in that some places are still more rural like this, but a mile away it is more built up. Loma Linda decided to keep more open spaces, which is nice.


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