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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Why I Do Not Drive

Today I spotted some beautiful trees and other sights during my walk.

These are things I might notice if I were driving all the time. I am not the best driver in the world, which is the reason I sort of stopped trying to do it. Honestly, I never had an interest in owning a certain type of car, or even felt excited about driving. Thus, walking everywhere that was close-by just became practical for me. In 2013 I started riding a bike again, which cut down on my commutes, and also upped my fitness level. If you are someone who does not want to drive and is tired of people telling you that it is an essential thing to do, I created a vlog about this subject. I realize the majority of people want to drive in America, and I have no desire to tell anyone not to. On the same token, it is pretty disconcerting how people who drive do not show the same difference towards people who might prefer biking and walking.


  1. I enjoyed this post, including all the neat photos and the video, as well as the text. Your vlogs are fun to watch, and you really are in good shape -- I like how that shows. Sometimes when I am driving on my errands, I wish I could stop to take a picture of the beautiful sights I see, but I really can't, so your photos do make your point for you.

    When I was younger I did feel pressured to learn to drive, though it was not my thing. I am glad I have that skill now, but I respect your choice not to force yourself to do something that you do not feel comfortable doing. I love your non-prescriptive philosophy!

    1. I like how you can take pictures on your walk around your property, and I wish I could do that. For me I just prefer the non-prescriptive philosophy because as more time goes by it seems like people relish telling others how to live. I think driving is probably convenient for most people, but I just wanted to share how it is not necessary if someone does not want to. People often complain about all the money and time they spend commuting, and in some cases the higher paying job does not even pay off when it comes to the funds needed to get there and back. Also being in your car four hours a day just seems a bit much, unless you are a delivery man or a truck driver. Those type of people seem adept at dealing with long hauls, but the average person commuting long distances might feel differently. I always hear people complaining about their commutes, and people road rage over the weirdest stuff.

      Even if people want to drive there are career and job opportunities closer to home, even if these do not have lucrative salaries. For me focusing on simplicity, and not over-extending myself is something that is good for me. But to each his own. Maybe some people really enjoy long commutes and all that stuff that just feels stifling to me. When I was younger and everyone was telling me I must drive, I actually had people tell me it was an achievement, akin to landing on the moon. It is simply a skill, and many people can live quite well without it.


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