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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pedestrians And Bicyclists Should Just Stay In The Park

Pedestrians and bicyclists should get off the road and stay in the park. According to one jokester, that is.
I do believe we need some rules of the road for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians. Of course people break those rules, but there need to be some guidelines to keep people in their own lane so to speak. Beyond that we need more courtesy for all people, and that includes drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

I am not a fan of bicyclists or pedestrians who pull in front of drivers, or who are not aware of their environment, but there is another segment of the population who irk me a bit more. It is the drivers who say they are joking, but who say things like:

"Pedestrians and bicyclists should stay in the park."

So as much as you may say you are joking when you make comments like that, there seems to be a bit of truth to the joke. I often hear drivers complain about how they do not like bicyclists clogging up the street. As if only drivers have the right to be there.

I have even heard drivers say things about how they want elderly people to cross the street faster. I am the worst driver in the world, but the one thing that bothered me when I was learning how to drive was my driving instructor complaining an elderly lady was not crossing the street fast enough. I have had people honk at me for not crossing fast enough, and call me the b word if I do not make it across the street in one second. This might be a minority of people you say, but it seems the inclination to road rage increases when people get behind the wheel.  Bicyclists and pedestrians have to leave earlier to get to their location, but people in cars seem to think the laws of time do not always apply to them. Okay so you left late, but that does not mean you get to scare the bejeebees out of someone crossing on the walking light by taking your right hand turn as they are crossing.

Being a jokester and poking at a person who shares an alternative mode of transportation does not make you cool. To me it just sounds like the standard commentary of people who think that anyone who does not want to drive is an outcast.

Then again, the need to poke at someone says a lot more about you than anyone else. The most witty people with the best sense of humor do not usually have to prod others. They are not constantly making cheap shot jokes. It is not an endearing quality, but I realize the people who need to do that must be looking for some sort of validation.

The way people drive can be improved by simply displaying a bit of common courtesy. A lot of people do not want to drive for a good reason, and we do not contain our activities for simply going to the park.

I actually would rather go hiking on a nature trail when I do have free time, and not spend it in a park.


  1. It sounds as if the person who said people should walk only in the park did not realize that walking is a mode of transportation. Too many people think of walking as only for exercise and recreation. But it would be like telling a driver that if he wants to drive, he should go to the race track.

    1. I would never tell anyone not to drive, what to eat, or how to dress. For some reason I always seem to be the bulls eye for jokes, and then the person comes back with later "just kidding". This happens less these days, but it is kind of just annoying. I need more of a filter, but I just wrote this post because I was trying to make a serious comment on someone's Facebook status, and what I was saying was turned into a joke. Oh well I will just attempt to filter out comments like that more in the future.

  2. Nice blog.
    Just this weekend I was shouted at by an old woman to get off the path.
    "Cyclists are not allowed on the pavements in Bath!!"
    Fine by me, but I was stationery having a chat with my husband, not cycling.
    More respect for cyclists please!!! :)

    Lou x

    I'm on the AtoZ as well - www.borntobeatourist - where I'm blogging about Costa Rica.

    1. No one should shout at anyone. What does that accomplish? I love when men call women the b word for not crossing the street fast enough. That is creepy, and happens more often than it should. It seems younger men have more lack of respect for women these days as I do not see older men doing that. Of course I have seen younger women being rude in their own ways, but no one should be screaming misogynonistic comments at someone because they did not cross the street in five second flat. Also, the way that bicyclist are treated sometimes scares me. There was a story about a man who snapped and started trying to run bicyclists off the road. It is pretty creepy how road ragey people can get when they leave their homes and are on public roads.


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