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Thursday, January 3, 2013

What If You Do Not Want A Driver's License?

Do you hate having to explain this to people who think driving is the only way to get around?   The good news that attitudes towards being a pedestrian are actually changing, and if you live in an urban area you are more likely to have access to good public transportation.  Also, you can plan things out so you are within walking distance of most things you want to see and do, and walking and biking to commute are very viable options today.

So are you tired of people asking you why you do not have a driver license?  The good news you are not obligated to explain this to people, and the incessant busy bodies will stop inquiring if you never bring it up.

Living in an urban area means you might even connect with fellow pedestrians as well. Besides, walking and biking are great work outs and save on the gym bill.  Pedestrians are green to begin with, and we are greener than people who own smart cars.  This is not about being smug, and I have nothing against people who choose to drive, but the truth is when I was younger I felt grilled by people who believed driving was the only way to get around.

If you are tired of being told that you have to get a license and a car, then stop feeling like you have to do this.  I think being an introvert made being a pedestrian less of a stretch for me because I have always pretty much done my own thing, and I never really tried to live up to social expectations.


  1. I agree that you do not need a drivers' license. I think people who drive should not have to have them either, because the states have started using them as ID cards. In Missouri, they even require a non-drivers' license of people who don't drive. (I wrote a hub about that once -- I had a guest staying with me who could not get a drivers' license because she was not a resident.)

    Anyway, I have been a pedestrian and I have been a driver, and I think all people need to be respected for their choices.

    1. IDs are expensive for some people. These are 25 dollars here in California, and a lot of people just do not get one. It can be a probablem when people want to buy things at the store, such as sharpies at Walmart, which will card you even if you are making a cash purchase. California is more lenient about out of state drivers, and people can drive here as long as they have a driver's license in their state or country. Getting a license here though means you want to establish residency, and they require that you have been here for fifteen days at least.

      Personally, I just would like to see people given more freedom to get around how they please.


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