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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Am A Pedestrian And Not Buying A Car From You, No Matter How Desperate You Act!

For the last three or so years I have walked by several car dealerships on my way to work.  There is one car dealership where one or two guys (depending on the day I walk by) who act very desperate in their attempts to get me to notice them.  Three years ago they used to shout heels on wheels to me, and eventually they stopped when they noticed I was not going to buy a car.

However, over the last few months their desperate behavior has re-emerged.  Either one or two guys will scream "hello, hello," at me, and if I do not respond, then he or his friend will saying something ridiculous like "I like your socks, I like your hat, or I like your shoes."  See I am an introvert that does not thrive on interacting with car salesmen, and just because I walk by a car dealership does not mean I am interested in buying anything from you!

This car dealership just happens to be on the route that I like to walk to and from work, and why is it I walk by two other dealerships where no one acts this way, but at this particular dealership car salesmen are complimenting me on my socks?  Okay I am not sure what that is about, but I noticed yesterday when I walked by talking on my cell phone there were no silly comments because they probably do not want others to hear what they say.

Yes, I know some people would say I should talk to their manager or supervisor, but I am not going to do that.  I just find their behavior hilarious, and these two guys must be pretty bored if all they have better to do is compliment me on my socks.

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