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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Let The Pedestrians Cross The Road!

I love the weather and scenery of Southern California, but I knew I was not imagining when I have nearly been hit on numerous occasions when I had the walking light.  The thing is I am an extremely expeditious walker, and it gauls me to think how slower pedestrians will deal with cross the street with aggressive drivers.  California traffic light specifically states that drivers are supposed to have a hands-free device when using their cell phone, but sure enough on any given day I see drivers texting as they make their right hand turns.  It is quite scary to be a California pedestrian attempting to cross the road when these aggressive drivers/texters refuse to let you cross on the walking light. 

I especially dread crossing one particular four way stop on California Street where in the middle of the day I have to often shout to keep from getting hit while I am in the middle of the intersection.  It is quite scary when you as a pedestrian have the right of way, but a stream of five or six cars refuse to stop because their right hand turns are so important! Let the pedestrians cross the road because we are on foot, and I can guarantee if you obey California traffic law you will still get to your location faster than we will.  My friend recently went on vacation to Hawaii, and she reminded me as to why Honolulu is one of my favorite cities: drivers actually stop for pedestrians there when they are cross the road. 

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