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Thursday, September 3, 2015

What Is Your California Dream?

Does the California dream have to involve having a certain house, a certain social status, or a certain car. I do not think so. There is enjoyment to be found in walking and bicycling for transportation, and I have finally reached the point where I am not afraid to say so.


  1. Definitely, no need for any particular house or car. Or any car at all! But even being a pedestrian is a kind of status, I think. It means you can afford not to join in the rat race. A lot of people would like to do that, but feel they cannot afford to, because they are in debt and need a high income.

  2. I abhor debt, to be honest. What some people do not get is even celebrities are going in debt to sustain the lifestyle they portray to the masses. One musician said it took his new girlfriend who became is wife to finally help him stop spending money he did not have, and pay off his credit card debt. Some people might regard pedestrian as a status, but I use it as more of a word to describe just not driving or walking more.

    1. Yes, I think being in debt would be horrible. It would mean that no matter your outward appearance of affluence, you are really enslaved to others.


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