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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Holiday Season And Walking Off The Pie

The holiday season is now upon us as we enter into November, but I have already been in a pie baking frenzy for over a month now.   A large part of this is because I have mass quantities of fruit that I want to preserve and use so that it does not go to waste, but I have also discovered that I really love making pies.  With all of these extra calories around the house, it is easy to put on pounds.  More than ever I am happy that I am a pedestrian so that I can burn off calories, and that I do not have to schedule gym sessions.

One of my favorite aspects of living in Southern California is watching the sun glimmer off the tops of palm trees, and witnessing a breath taking sunset as I am walking home around five or so.  If you are stuck in a gym on a tread mill you will never be able to appreciate those things.  Life is slower as a pedestrian, and I am thankful for this.


  1. Those pies look yummy, and I envy you the ability to bake them and share them with your family.

    I avoid having too many carbs in my diet, but at Thanksgiving we always have at least a pumpkin pie. Sadly, it is store bought. My mother, who is the main chef for Thanksgiving, is an excellent cook, but pies are not her thing. (Pies are not an Israeli food.)

    About walking it off: I love walking, but I have not really found that it helps with weight. It is a good thing to do for your overall health, though -- and besides it is fun!

  2. I usually do not bake this much, but I am in a frenzy lately. Walking is good for me because I do see a difference in my weight when I walk a lot and when I do not. I wish I were one of those people with a high metabolism, but I need to walk, move, and even dance to stay at my preferred weight. I am also thinking about maybe just making baked apples next time. If I lived near you I would bake you a pie for Thanksgiving.


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