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Monday, December 19, 2011

Walking It Alone

When it comes to so many things, I feel I must walk it alone.  When a certain thing perplexes me, usually I am never allowed to share it with anyone because people accused me of complaining in years past, even though others are able to discuss things at length without people telling them they are complainers.  I just learned over the years I am not able to talk about things the way others can, and walking is ideal because it allows me to think of resolutions to problems.  What I have learned this year is nothing is as dark as it seems at the moment, and there is always a bit of humor in things that seem upsetting and outrageous at the moment.  Sometimes you jut have to get out and go walking, and allow the stress to float away.  Not only am I looking thinner than I have in years, but I no longer feel compelled to discuss things most people do not want to hear about anyway.

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